Standing for election for the ALCTS

I am honored by the nomination and excited to stand for election for ALCTS Vice-President/ President-Elect. On this website, you will find more information on my background, my ability to lead the division, and my areas of focus for ALCTS. 

My leadership style

I have a broad understanding of ALCTS groups and structure, which I gained after chairing and being a long-time member of the ALCTS Organization and Bylaws committee. I also have extensive experience leading diverse, multi-institutional groups towards a common goal (for examples, please see the Service page of this website as well as my CV). These efforts have helped shape my leadership style, which incorporates solid project management techniques, emphasizes collaborative, team-based approaches to doing work, and leverages collective decision-making. I am committed to listening to diverse members’ perspectives and to harmonizing the ALCTS community into a cohesive unit that respects and celebrates its unique differences.

Moving beyond the “back of the house”

If elected, I would champion programming and skill-building opportunities that expand the roles of technical services beyond the “back of the house” and into community and user spaces. I would be a strong voice for those in technical services to use their unique talents as active partners in furthering emerging library initiatives such as makerspaces, digital scholarship centers, and personal digital archiving activities. These efforts will ensure that the division continues both to meet users’ needs and to enhance our members’ skills.

Reflecting on the future of ALCTS

ALCTS members play a critical role in connecting people to the information and resources they need to conduct their work, pursue life-long learning, and enhance their daily lives. We do this by promoting common practices and standards in acquisitions, collection management, cataloging and metadata services, and analog and digital preservation. The future of our division, as ALCTS or merged into a new division, cannot lose sight of these important services.