Grants and Awards


Digital Content Reuse Assessment Framework Toolkit (D-CRAFT) (LG-36-19-0036-19), IMLS, $249,998.

About: D-CRAFT will be an open access, collaboratively-developed toolkit that provides practitioners with an overview of available assessment tools, best practices, and a code of ethics for measuring the reuse of digital assets.

Project Team: Santi Thompson (Principal Investigator), Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Ayla Stein Kenfield, Kinza Masood, Caroline Muglia, Ali Shiri, Liz Woolcott, Joyce Chapman, Derrick Jefferson, Myrna E. Morales

Bridge2Hyku Toolkit: Developing Migration Strategies for Hydra-in-a-Box (LG-70-17-0217-17), IMLS, $249,103.

About: The Bridge2Hyku (B2H) project aims to establish a framework for sustainable digital collections data migration to Hyku, the digital asset management software developed by the Hydra-In-A-Box project.

Project Team: Annie Wu, Santi Thompson (Co-Principal Investigator), Andrew Weidner, Anne Washington, Sean Watkins.

Developing a Framework for Measuring Reuse of Digital Objects (LG-73-17-0002-17), IMLS, $70,850.

About: The project conducted a formal needs assessment of the Digital Library community to determine desired functionality for a future reuse assessment toolkit. This toolkit will compile available resources, best practices, and use cases for studying the reuse of digital assets held by cultural heritage and research organizations

Project Team: Santi Thompson (Principal Investigator), Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Caroline Muglia, Genya O’Gara, Ayla Stein Kenfield, and Liz Woolcott


DLF Futures Fellow, 2018-2019

About: A year-long fellowship given by the Digital Library Federation. “This program offers financial support and a communications platform for mid-career digital library practitioners whose projects and areas of research open up new, perhaps unexpected possibilities and future directions for the field.”

Texas Digital Library Service Award, 2016

About: Given by the Texas Digital Library in recognition of “an individual or group who has made significant contributions to the TDL consortium and/or a member who has used TDL services to their fullest potential.”

Beta Phi Mu Frank B. Sessa Scholarship for Continuing Education, 2011

About: The Sessa scholarship is awarded to a Beta Phi Mu member to increase his/her professional skills through additional study or attendance at a formal program or workshop.

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